The Victory Mug Has Been Choosen!

Those who follow my Twitch channel know that I was in search of a Victory Mug that I could use to toast to victory with after I conquer a game. Of course, the options (above) were so many that I could not select one myself, so I begged all of you to choose one for me and you did just that. So, once I finished The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings I tallied the results and a winner was choosen!

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Getting Settled In

Hello everyone!

Thanks for coming here to look around and I apologize if it’s a bit barren at the moment, but I will continue to work hard at upgrading this website as fast as possible.

Why a website? I wanted to provide more than what the limited trappings of Tumblr could offer me. Though that site is great with sharing among the entire Tumblr community, It left a lot to be desired in actual community building. Communication with others, audience retention and other audience building options just aren’t there. That lead me to reopen my website and start the rebuilding process.

What can I expect from this site? I’m going to keep this site mainly focused on my Twitch channel broadcasts, reviews and other game related topics as it should have been from the beginning.

I also want to make this site more of a focal point for the community when I am offline. A place where people can hopefully come and chat with each other and leave comments when I am offline from Twitch or any of my social media.

With that I am off to record a review, a vlog and then get the stream ready for tonight. Thanks all and please come back for more!