Vlog #004

1) Voting is now open on the next game I will play live on stream http://strawpoll.me/2373643

2) Token Bot will become a reality in the near future http://www.twitchtokens.com/

3) I go over some games that I am excited about… let me know what you are looking forward to and what you want me to play!

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Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas X Flight Stick Review

I recently bought into the beta of Frontier’s remake of their classic space simulator, a little game called Elite: Dangerous. Getting into this game I knew from the start that I would want a flight stick and throttle if, for nothing else, to get a more lifelike feel of flying a spacecraft. That lead me on a little journey.

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Syberia 2 Review

Syberia 2 is a direct sequel that picks up immediately after the first game in the series continuing the story of Kate Walker and her companions-the accidentally funny and sarcastic automaton, Oscar, and his creator, the loony but brilliant Hans Voralberg-as they search for the island of Syberia. Along the way they make a few new friends, get into more than a few precarious situations, make a couple of enemies and reunite with a couple of old acquaintances for good measure. For better or worse Syberia 2 borrows heavily on almost every aspect of the original but suffers greatly from a feeling of being too much like the original and rushed out the door. Mix that with the nonsensical storytelling that pulls any emotional impact out of the game that the first picked up on so well and you’re left with an underwhelming experience that ties the first together with the soon-to-be-released third game in the trilogy.

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The Victory Mug Has Been Choosen!

Those who follow my Twitch channel know that I was in search of a Victory Mug that I could use to toast to victory with after I conquer a game. Of course, the options (above) were so many that I could not select one myself, so I begged all of you to choose one for me and you did just that. So, once I finished The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings I tallied the results and a winner was choosen!

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